Center for Grand Challenges & Green Technologies

Technologies / products developed

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Electrochromic films and devices
Chromic optical humidity sensor – Color changing dye doped polymer films
Opal and inverse opal TiO2 films
Production of carbon nanomaterials by using natural organic molecules / material as feedstock
Production of carbon nanomaterials by using waste organic hydrocarbon materials as feedstock
Production of carbon nanomaterials by using green-house gas – methane (i.e. Gobar gas or bio-gas) and CO2
Production of conducting polymers (Particularly polyaniline, polypyrrole and their derivatives) by Green chemistry route
Production of cobalt doped zinc oxide (ZnO-Co) by solvent-free, solid-state route
New Photocatalyst – Calcium oxide/Calcium hydroxide [CaO/Ca(OH)2]
Water purification by photocatalytic degradation of organic impurities
Water purification by light activated, chemically induced dye aggregation
Simultaneous photocatalytic waste water purification and seed germination
Fuel cell catalyst
Plastic notebook (An alternative to paper notebooks)
Improved tea bag
Liquid composite fuel using natural, regenerative hydrocarbons
Composite material (Activated carbon + Carbon Nanomaterials + Conducting Polymer + metal/metal oxide nanoparticles)
Prussian blue dye production by indigenously developed Green chemical method

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